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 Goals and Targets

  1. To graduate highly qualified health professionals. They will have the ability to adopt and implement the integration of science, clinical, behavioral and social skills in their profession of medical care. They will have the awareness of the health needs of citizens at national, regional and international levels.
  2. The promotion of personal integrity of the student as an individual.
  3. Preparing students to acquire new knowledge and skills and applying them in an integrated manner and to have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances throughout their professional lives.
  4. Prepare graduates with the ability to participate in continuing professional development while maintaining a high level of clinical competence.
  5. Provide graduates with the ability of lifelong learning, leadership and communication skills with others in addition to clinical, administrative and supervisory skills.
  6. Assist in the development of thinking skills, clinical skills and decision-making skills.
  7. Establishing educational programs which open the door to successful business opportunities in Clinical Practice and Community Health, scientific and clinical research.
  8. Developing professional skills through continuous training and development of faculty staff and workers in various health facilities.
  9. Assist in providing service and consultation to health service providers.
  10. Become a center of excellence for education based on problem-solving.
  11. Become a center of excellence for research and scientific studies and development.
  12. Attract talent abroad and link them to the university and the community.
  13. Make agreements with universities and scientific institutions, prestigious international and benefit from relevant international collaboration.