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International & Local Conventions

Cooperative Agreement between the National Center for Disease Control and LIMU

Convention on the training of LIMU university students

Scientific cooperation agreement with Tripoli University

A cooperative agreement on the development of educational health facilities

On 09/09/2009 the Board of LIMU signed an agreement of cooperation and coordination with the People’s Committee for Health and Environment. Representing the Secretary of the People’s Committee included Dr. Adel Amer Wolf of the University of Libya, and representing the President of the University Council was Dr. Mohamed Saad Embarek. Others present included the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Jamal Talhi, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Dr. Sanusi Mohammed Taher, coordinator of the Office of Academic Relations and International Cooperation, Dr. Said Barghathi, and the Registrar-General of the University, Ibrahim Salem. The agreement includes cooperation and coordination in the field of primary health care and the creation of training centers and medical education. The agreement allows university students to benefit from health facilities.

The signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Modena


The Libyan International Medical University, on the morning of Thursday: 04/06/2009 signed a scientific cooperation agreement between the university and the University of Modena, Italy. This signing came during a visit by a delegation from the University of Modena, which lasted three days starting on 04/06/09. He briefed the delegation during an inspection of the University colleges and laboratories, medical facilities and the rest of the university and expressed admiration for the high standard enjoyed by the International University. The delegation also expressed its sincere wish for fruitful scientific collaboration with the University.

The Libyan representatives included:
Dr. Mohamed Saad Mubarak – President of the University
Dr. Jamal Talhi – Dean, College of Human Medicine
Dr. Abdullah Al-Mansouri – Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
Dr. Randa AI Abdiah – Dean of the College of Nursing

The Italian representatives included:
Professor Massimo Federico
Professor Cristina Mass
Engineer Mirco Orsini
Dr. Monica Pirani

The University of Modena agreed to a collaboration with LIMU to establish a centre to be located in the city of Benghazi. The medical centre will focus on the care of patients with cancer, as well as scientific research and education.

International agreements for academic cooperation

In the context of establishing academic relationships between the university Libyan International Medical Sciences with other bodies and organizations and prominent international universities; the aim of exchanging experiences, consulting and academic cooperation the University convened the following members:


A delegation headed by Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Saad Mubarak – President of the University, accompanied by:

Prof / Mustafa Fakhiri – Provost and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr / Gamal Talhi – Dean, College of Human Medicine

Prof. Dr. / Abdullah Al-Mansouri – Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

A number of Egyptian universities were visited over a three day period, beginning on 25/05/2009. The universities included:

University of Ain Shams University, Suez Canal University October 6

Aspects of joint cooperation and development were discussed. A joint scientific cooperation agreement was signed between the Libyan International Medical University and these universities.

A cooperative agreement with the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

Within the framework of closer ties with Arab counterparts, the University of Libya, Libyan International Medical University signed a cooperative agreement with the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, including the terms of the agreement of cooperation in the field of university studies and higher education, as well as conducting joint research and the exchange of Theses and taking advantage of the scientific facilities on both sides.