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Home Registration and Admission

Required for admission to colleges of the University for bachelor degree as follows:

 1. The applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent recognized certification.

2. The student should be able to follow-up health study in his specialty.

3. The applicant must have the percentage approved for admission to college.

4. The applicant must be a believer in community values and orientations.

5. If the applicant is not Libyan, they are required to have fulfilled all procedures for residence in Libya during the period of study under the regulations.

6. Student fees and expenses are paid in accordance with the rules and regulations established at the university.

7. The number of students accepted to study commensurate with class capacity and potential of each college.

8. If there is an advanced student they undergo a personal interview and it will be determined whether it is permissible for schools according to their internal regulations to conduct entrance exams for applicants to the College.

9. Promise to pay tuition fees.

Required Documents

1. Original form from secondary school or equivalent.

2. A copy of the page booklet in the meaning of the family.

3. A copy of the paper page and the family.

4. Page head of the family of a booklet of the family.

5. Benefit the criminal case.

6. 8 color photographs.

7. A certificate of good conduct and behavior of school or transferred from the University of them.

8. Page Image foreign passport.



• Initially fill out the form directly or through the World Wide Web.

• Set a date and a personal interview.

• The announcement of the names of accepted students.

• Complete the Profile of the student.

• Payment of tuition fees.

• Issuance to the student of a card, the study schedule and study table.

• Completion of the placement procedures for international students and others from outside the city, and the payment of accommodation fees.

• Limit the duration of re-placement for a period not exceeding one month from the announcement of the results.

• Take care of foreign students in their procedures completed and accommodation provided in accordance with the regulations and applicable laws.

• No student shall be entitled to recover the tuition fees in the event of the constraint and is entitled to make use of them in the event of a complete re-registration.


1. Absolve the top three at the level of the mass of life sciences secondary tuition and reduce fees for the rest of the top ten to 50% the first year only.

2. Full exemption applies in all the years where the student obtained first to third place.

3. The student who obtained first place in each college shall be exempt from tuition fees in the year that followed