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Home Structure


The President

Vice President

University Central Library

□ Customer unit

□ Indexing unit

□ Electronic Library

□ Supply unit

□ Periodicals

University Staff Dept.

Training Dept.

□ Clinical skills Lab.

□ Tele-education and Virtual Reality Dept.

Faculties’ Deans


Faculty Administrator

Heads of Departments

□ Teaching Staff Members

□ Technicians

The General Director

General Managers

Administrative affairs

□ Employee affairs

□ Public Relations

□ Service Unit

□ Archiving Dept.

Financial Dept.

□ Main Accountancy unit

□ Salaries

□ Cashier

□ Sales

□ Stores

□ Local Resources Development Unit

The Registrar


Registration Unit

Education and Evaluation Dept.

Extracurricular Activities Unit.

Graduate & Professional Dep. Office

Internal Affairs Review Office

Quality Control Office

Informatics Dept.

Legal Affairs Office