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The opinion of students who have attended the Libyan International Medical Sciences University

At the end of the school year the Office of Quality Assurance asked a group of students for the best things offered by the University in terms of teaching and university service.

The following opinions are a representative sample from some of the students:

  1. “An excellent selection of distinguished lecturers and faculty members, and the organization of the university was excellent.”
  2. “Teaching methods are excellent because of the sequence of lectures and the relevance of lectures.”
  3. “The presence of ongoing evaluation of the study and teaching methods and faculty members.”
  4. “Way of teaching very organized.”
  5. “The presence of the order and sequence in the performance of every lecture based on what came before.”
  6. “Sequence to be followed in the curriculum at the university lectures relating to the practical and panel discussion are excellent.”
  7. “The presence of diversity in the faculty.”
  8. “The quality of teaching.”
  9. “The quality of faculty members.”
  10. “Faculty members encouraged and motivated students to study diligently.”
  11. “The members of the faculty answer all student inquiries.”
  12. “Supervisors have experience and competence.”
  13. “Method of follow-up to the student during the semester through the monthly reports are excellent.”
  14. “The lectures and practical laboratory are the best and most enjoyable part in the study.”
  15. “Giving us the opportunity to work in the laboratory experiments ourselves.”
  16. “Great panel discussions.”
  17. “Panel discussions helped us with the development of our communication skills.”
  18. “Allowing only a fewer number of students of the faculty allowed for individual evaluation and continuous communication with the students.”
  19. “Our numbers were an advantage for us.”
  20. “A good group of students.”
  21. “The study in the library.”
  22. “The Office of the Registrar-General offers excellent services to the student.”
  23. “The open lectures are the best cultural activities in the university.”
  24. “One of the best student activities studios and healthy food.”
  25. “My favorite subject is anatomy, because the faculty members link the material with applications in practical life.”