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University facilities

Main Hall

The main hall lies on the first floor of the building, and is dedicated to lectures, meetings, conventions and scientific seminars. It is fully air-conditioned and has been equipped with the latest audio equipment, computers and visual display and equipment.


University Library

The library was opened to coincide with the opening of the university on 10/20/2007. The library provides the latest medical versions both in print or electronic format, to all colleges and academic departments at the university. The library is also working o meet the needs of the students, faculty members, technicians in the laboratories and the staff.


Training Center

The Center seeks to develop and raise the efficiency of personnel and equip them with new skills in a manner consistent with scientific fact. The Center meets the needs of all their activities, and gives trainees the up-to-date skills to keep pace with the times through the continuous training and development of human resources for faculty, staff or workers in different health faculties.

Research and Consultation Center

The University seeks to be a center for remarkable research, scientific studies and development, so the research center was established to develop and implement research programs and community services.

 It also seeks to enter research programs as an integral part of the process of continuous development. It seeks to improve links with similar colleges and universities at home and abroad.


The University offers courses and laboratories dedicated to basic science and medical, equipment and devices and the means to appropriate educational programs that serve the objectives of the educational faculties.

Available university clinical skills lab designed to train students for the first years of schooling various university faculties on the basic clinical skills through the use of sophisticated toys as patients and falsely preparing scenarios to simulate actual situations of the real situation in hospitals.


Services cafe

The university cafe provides appropriately healthy meals, refreshments and hot beverages for students and staff throughout the day at an affordable price.

The shop ensures its commitment to health requirements.


Internet and photocopying office

For scientific reasons, the policy of the university students had the need to use textbooks and reference established by the departments and colleges. The university provides the students text books at reasonable prices.

Health clinic

The university is equipped to deal with emergencies and provide rapid first aid. The unit oversees the health cafe in the university and ensures its commitment to health conditions. Interns will be in the later stages of their teachers to supervise the conduct of clinic services.


The University has a guest house with the right atmosphere for study which accommodates faculty members and students in comfort. It is situated in Sidi Hussein Street – Gamal Abdel Nasser and is only 15 minutes away from the University.


LIMU students are provided adequate housing with the Garyounis family village at discounted prices. The student housing is only 10 minutes away from the university.