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University Policy

The Libyan International Medical University – as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Libya – is committed to preparing graduates to have the knowledge and appropriate skills that will enable them to practice professionally in the field of health care. It seeks to produce quality professionals by establishing the principles and foundations of a culture of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.  LIMU implements quality assurance and has partnered with institutions of higher education in Libya. It has also applied the standards of the World Health Organization in accordance with the needs of developing a healthy society.

The university’s policy is as follows:

  • Develop academic programs to accomplish the task of education and continuing medical education.
  • Conducting periodic self-evaluation.
  • Establishing academic relationships with other bodies and organizations and prestigious international universities in order to exchange expertise, as well as provide consulting and academic cooperation.
  • Training of university staff on self-evaluation and thus improving the chances of continuous development.
  • Emphasis on the values of quality, excellence and competitiveness of the University.
  • The use of English and Arabic in the transparency of the University through the International Network for Information and the media without compromising the privacy of others.
  • Provide scientific and educational classes which encourage creativity and innovation and move away from stereotypes, simulation and replication in an effort to create a professional environment.
  • Work to maintain a healthy working environment, in allowing freedom of choice and respect for human rights.
  • Respect for dignity and humanity without discrimination of ethnicity, religion, gender or political beliefs.
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles and strengthening the links between the familiarity of students and working to develop the talents and capacities in the promotion of ethics and values.
  • Commitment to transparency and scientific integrity in the implementation of regulations, adopted and declared in the implementation of educational programs.
  • The University is committed to participate and contribute in all the various activities and events in the community aware of their pioneering role and importance in improving community participation and promotion.