Admission Contract for A Graduate Student In one of LIMU’s Faculties

Hereinafter referred to in this contract as (First Party or university)

Hereinafter referred to in this contract as (Second Party)

Preliminary Item
Since the First Party runs a private university and applies the latest international quality standards, with a mission to graduate specialists with high competence in the various medical sciences

As the Second Party wishes to join the postgraduate program

And also has read the regulations, rules, controls and conditions prescribed and organized for this activity , in addition have submitted a request for placement according to the form prepared by the university for that purpose and have attached all certificates and documents necessary for admission, and have agreed to be subject to the results of the evaluation exams and personal interview and the result of preference selection, and after the applicant has passed all the admission requirements, he/she have been placed to study in the

where the parties agreed on the following :

Article (1)

The regulations enforced in the concerned faculty, and the guide for postgraduate students and the rules and regulations included in it are an integral part of this contract.

Article (2)

The Second Party shall be personally committed (or whoever is committed on his/her behalf) to pay the tuition fees and other educational process’ supplementary fees due to the First Party according to regulations and “fees calculation mechanism” and also according to due dates and collection procedures enforced by the university.

Without the need of any notice or warning, and without any liability to the First Party, the Second Party shall be suspended from study if the Second Party fails to pay the previously mentioned fees without having the right to object or protest, at the same time, the University retains its right to claim from the Second Party his/her financial obligations to the concerned parties.

Article (3)

The student shall pay the “specialized operating materials” costs, transportation, lodging and subsistence expenses outside the city of Benghazi that may be required to complete the research project. The First Party shall facilitate the necessary administrative procedures through the approved channels in this regard.

Article (4)

Tuition fees are subject to review and change after being approved by the University Council.

Article (5)

The First Party is committed to providing the appropriate conditions to achieve a decent educational environment and provide the necessary support and guidance to the student and to strengthen his/her abilities and enable him/her to attain and fulfill the requirements of study.

Article (6)

Upon the student's completion of graduation requirements and obtaining the degree, the First Party shall be obligated to grant him/her a certificate of graduation approved by the relevant authorities.

Article (7)

This contract is valid until the termination of the Second Party's relationship with the university.

Article (8)

This contract shall be made in two original copies, each party shall be handed a signed copy to act in accordance therewith and comply with its provisions.

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