BMS students presented a seminar on the Nucleus through a presentation presented jointly by two groups of students, the first group included:

(*) Moustafa Samer Mohsen (*)Rima Nouri Alawami  (*)mabrouka alsaid alzawi (*)arwa omar mohammed (*)moayed mosadag suliman (*)Asma Adel Latif

While the second group included:

(*) Mohamed Mahmoud Abdullah (*) Mohamed Wains Tajouri (*) Ahmed  Wains Houni (*) Esra Aref Bujwari (*) Monia Ibrahim Elzaid.


Students provide Seminars with presentations in groups (approximately 5 students per group), each group addressing a different theme, and the presentation is attended by the coordinator of the year and a number of members of the faculty, who discuss each group on the topic after its presentation.

It is a system or method known as PBL and is characterized as a sophisticated educational system based on the student’s situation in front of a specific dilemma to be discussed on the first day which is called Brain Storming.

The student analyzes the ideas for discussion and draws on educational objectives under the supervision of Tutors.

Through this method or system, the student will have the opportunity to research and check the educational goals and consult the educational supervisor the next day in what is known as the presence of the teacher or supervisor Tutor Availability to know the depth and accuracy of information, to be held on the third day meeting known as the outcome or extraction of information Debriefing where the student discusses with his colleagues the details of the educational objectives and is evaluated on what he presented in the panel discussion.


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