The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) organizes weekly presentations of scientific posters submitted by students of the second and third years (5 to 7 students) in the presence of a number of faculty members who are keen to discuss their students in their presentations and objectives. (In coordination with the teaching staff), which requires that they be derived from global research published in sites or scientific journals and research published in international universities.

It should be noted that the evaluation of scientific posters depends on the method used in the preparation of the poster and the student’s method of discussion and presentation of information.

This week’s posters were for students:

(*) Abdul Raouf Jibril, and the title of his poster: Stem Cells For Blindness.

(*) Khadija Abbas Al-Mahdi, and the title of her poster: Do you expose to enough light.

(*) Sawsan Amhamed, and the title of her poster: what do you know about the hyperbilirubinemia in  newborn.

(*) Amani Mohammed, and the title of her poster: What is uterine artery embolization and is it causing acute kidney failure and hyperkalemia.


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