The faculty of Basic Medical Sciences held an open week for its students. Part of the activities included scientific educational competitions, which aims to educate the students and practices ways to think quickly and critically.

There was also a workshop especially designed for the BMS students called “How to perform in less time” with Ms Asma Elgazery. There was a training session and human development hubs in a modern style which includes visual and audio aids and supporting exercises like time management.

Discussions were also included in the BMS open week, as a way for the audience to think critically about controversial pre- agreed on topics. 2 groups of students with opposite opinions prepare themselves by collecting information and evidence to prove their opinion. This is then presented to the opposition and audience to try to convince as many people as possible.

BMS aims to provide students with different educational experiences, enhancing the spirit of teamwork and competitiveness, building confidence in the students, assigning work tasks to get a sense of responsibility, to practice discussions, and to change the daily routine as well as to strengthen the relationship between students and their teachers within a disciplined educational framework.


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