The Office of Education and Examinations at the Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery organized during the past two days a series of graduation tests for fifth year students (22 students ) for the academic year 2017-2018 in educational units for several subjects including:

1) Oral Radiology.
2) Oral Medicine I.
3) Oral Surgery II.
4) Oral Diagnosis.

The students of the Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery receive their applied training within the university labs, as well as the University Center for Oral and Dental Surgery (specialized clinic).

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery grants bachelor’s degree in Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, and adopts, like other university faculties, the Problem Based Learning (PBL) strategy according to the following system:
(*) The study is conducted in the Faculty according to the system of educational blocks, distributed over five years of study followed by the year of supplementary training (excellence) and duration of nine months.
(*) Educational units are presented in the form of workshops, lectures, practical lessons and scientific seminars.
(*) The academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semesters contain two educational units as well as an additional clinical skills unit. The duration of the study in each unit is 4-6 weeks, including the duration of the partial examination.
(*) The academic year begins at the Faculty during the first half of October of each year.
(*) The study begins for the second semester with the beginning of March of each year.
(*) English is the language of teaching in Faculty.


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