LIMU’s International Profile

Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) is a non-profit, private university that is located in Benghazi city, Libya.

It is the first private medical university in Libya.

It is also Libya’s first accredited private medical university.

Its doors were opened to enroll students on October 15, 2007.

Total number of academic staff is 224 of which 152 are PhD holders. About 90% of staff are part-timers, this helps to tie university with other national and regional institutions. Up to date 1016 students are enrolled under its faculties (Business Administration, Health Information Technology, Basic Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine).

LIMU Research & Consultation Center was established in the year 2009, to develop and implement research programs and community services. Main LIMU campus includes a Clinical Skills Center which is used for the training of students from all health professions before and during the clinical stages of their studies.

Media center at LIMU is working on documenting all activities within the campus and updating LIMU website with all news and events.

IT department at LIMU is keen to update all university internal systems and to provide the university campus with the most effective and competent forms of electronic communications.

The LIMUJ is a recognized international peer reviewed fully online open-access journal aiming to publish research articles in basic, allied and clinical medical sciences.

Department of Quality Assurance is taking all steps to implement quality assurance principles in all academic and administrative affairs of university.

University Training Center gives up-to-date skills to faculty staff or workers in different faculties to keep pace with the times through the continuous development of human resources.

Since the establishment of LIMU, a clear objective was to use the problem-based learning (PBL) strategy which was implemented gradually in all faculties.

LIMU is the only university in Libya that adopts PBL and one of the handful of universities in the Arab world.

LIMU Strategic Goals for 2016 – 2020 are to: adopt modern learning strategies including self and lifelong learning, raise national health awareness to enhance community health, social development and commitment to ethical values & principles, achieve financial return that ensures continuity and growth, promote institutional capacity towards achieving ownership of a well-designed & fully operated University campus, develop human capital and create an ideal private institutional model in the field of education and health services and to adopt process management system & automation in educational & administrative processes.