• International Management is a key course in all business administration colleges and schools in the world. This course adopts problem-based learning approach (PBL) in teaching, and focuses mainly on essential topics that help students to have a good understanding of International Management theories and practices especially in developed countries. This, in turn, will allow students to be able to understand, discuss, and resolve real-world international management problems with the focus being placed on the Libyan business environment.

• This course is designed to give participants the critical management tools and ideas to understand why a firm should be in international business – either on the supply-side or on the market demand-side – and also what management capabilities are needed to successfully manage firms operating in the international domain.

• Especially, International Management will focus on what management needs to do in order to win in the international business environment and how to manage the resources to get to the ultimate goal of new value creation, either in developed or emerging economies. Such management tools and understandings are not optional anymore for business professionals, but must be core foundation to become a global leader in business.

• International Management, utilizing a well-established course textbook on international business and a mixture of articles and relevant case studies, starts from the the big picture of globalization, the international political and cultural context. From this macro-picture, the course then moves down to the firm level, starting with a discussion about minimizing a firm’s capital risks in the global domain, to winning in international business and the growth strategies available, to assessing international markets and modes of entry, and then moves on to considering marketing in an international context and how to build sustainable value propositions, building global operations and supply chain management networks, managing human resources in an international context, and finishes up with a discussion of creating global value through corporate governance and control.

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