The Libyan Association for Quality and Excellence in Education has invited the Libyan International Medical University to participate in the activities of the Second National Forum for managers of the Quality Assurance Offices in the Libyan governmental universities.

The aim of this invitation is to showcase the outstanding quality model adopted by the Libyan International Medical University. Ms. Samah Al-Nur, Interim Director of the Quality Assurance Office at the university, gave a presentation about the quality assurance activities of programs at the university. In addition, Ms. Samah presented the best practices and future plans that aim to address any encountered obstacles or challenges. It is worth noting that the attendees have praised Ms. Samah’s excellent presentation which showed the university’s commitment to work according to the quality assurance standards. Also, the attendees have praised the good quality assurance practices that the university has carried out since its establishment and its future plans in this regard.


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