The university works with utmost efficiency in providing the most ideal E-learning environment. And among those efforts is establishing a modern and interactive system and also provides the latest technology platforms and programs as well as online resources to assist in achieving the full potential and capacity in excellence and leadership in educational curriculums as the university’s classification among domestic and international rankings further elevates by providing the following:

Office of E-learning 1



1- Electronic infrastructure.
2- Electronic platforms.
3 – E-learning management system Moodle.
4 – Provide login accounts for the E-learning management system platform for all students and faculty staff ensuring their fast connection at any time.
5 – Usage of the E-learning platform (Moodle) which allows students to submit scientific material as well as to inquire and discuss with the faculty staff and academic supervisors.
6 – A bundle of various applications which assists in the E-learning process.
7 – Accredited implementations that evaluate students and their performance in the E-learning process.



1. Supervise on employing information technology and communications to present solutions to difficulties presented by E-learning.

2. Enhancing E-learning programs.

3. Coordinating between different departments inside and outside the university for system and procedures of various E-learning areas.

4. Providing for the student the scientific subjects which are suitable for them by necessary coordinated effort to provide various resources that contribute to providing a diverse learning environment in accordance to the different circumstances and needs of students.

5. Suggesting strategies and scientific E-learning programs by working with coordinators of scientific E-learning applications and the office of information technology.