University centers:

  • Research and Consultation Center
  • Training and Continuous Learning Centre
  • University Center for Oral Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry
  • Clinical Skills Center
  • Media Center


Each of the university centers has a director be appointed by the president of the university’s council and the approved by the University Board in order to manage the technical, administrative and financial affairs of the center, the following, in particular:

  • Supervising the implementation of plans and its functioning
  • Coordination with the all authorities of the university in order to implement the tasks of the center.
  • Supervising and protecting university supplies in the center
  • Preparing a draft budget of the center and submitting it to the university president for approval upon a discussion by the University Council
  • Proposing center needs of human resources, hardware, equipment, etc.
  • Considering all matters related to the functional affairs of the center staff and recommending them to the university president
  •  Marinating the confidentiality of the information
  • Preparing an annual report on the progress of the work
  • Any other tasks assigned by the President