The General Affairs Agency is one of the key, accessible and secure components of To the success of the university’s educational process general affairs include many departments and units that are scattered It works directly and indirectly on educational process

The General Affairs Agency also contributes effectively to strategic  planning Of the University And the issuance of periodic reports, financial and administrative statistics and the preparation of analytical and planning lists Finance, He also assumed functions relating to public services, maintenance, public relations and security University and Information technology, technical affairs and projects.

In general, the University Vice President For General Affairs is responsible for Management of administrative, financial , technical affairs  is under the supervision and direction of the Rector and according to the powers granted to him by the University President.

University Vice President For General Affairs 1

Prof. Abdulla M. El-mansoury

Academic Degree

  •  Professor


  • 1980 / Bachelor of Science BSc (Zoology / Chemistry), Faculty of Science University of Garyounis – Benghazi – Libya.
  • 1991 / M.Sc. Degree in Reproductive Physiolog . Benghazi – Libya.
  • 1999 / PhD  – Cellular Pharmacology Group, Dept. Of Biological Sciences,University of Keele, Keele, Staffordshir United Kingdom.

The previous & Current positions and functions:

  1. Teaching Assistant, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor Physiology teaching staff member / Department of Zoology – Faculty of Science – University of Garyounis 1986 – Now.
  2. Head of Study and Examination Committee, Department of Zoology – Faculty of Science – University of Garyounis.
  3. Chairman of the Pre Medical Committee Faculty of Public Health – Arab Medical University.
  4. Chairman of the Basic Medical Sciences Committee – Arab Medical University.
  5. Founding member of the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU).
  6. The General Director of Graduate Studies and Training – University of Garyounis.
  7. Dean, Faculty of Science – University of Garyounis – Benghazi – Libya.
  8. Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences – Libyan International Medical University:2007 – Now
  9. Member of the Supreme Advisory Committee/ National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions.
  10. Member of the National Committee for Graduate Studies.
  11. Director of the General Administration Quality Management, Inspection and Performance Evaluation / Libyan Social Security Fund:2010 – 2018
  12. Vice President, Libyan International Medical University :2010 – Now
  13. Director of Libyan Center for Consultation & Human Development / Libyan Social Security Fund:2016 – Now
  14. Chairman of the Follow-up Committee of International Organizations /Libyan Social Security Fund:2015 – Now

Vice President’s Message

The University’s General Affairs Agency provides services that support the University’s mission Libyan International for Medical Sciences These services include finance, information technology, human resources, self-resources and affairs The Agency is also a key pillar of the University’s organizational structure within the University’s agencies.

We follow the continuous improvement approach to providing high quality services, and strive to create an attractive collaboration environment.

The University’s Agency for General Affairs is within its responsibilities and powers It strives to advance the progress of administrative development and development Career at the University.  To achieve the outstanding management development and vision it deserves With current and future phase requirements . And the achievements of the University through the guidance of the University President.

Our dear visitor We are pleased to welcome you to the page of the University’s e-general  Affairs Agency to introduce the Agency and its terms of reference and sectors.

Dr. Abdulla M. El-Mansoury

Vice President for general affairs

Dean, Faculty of Applied Medical Science


Excellence in delivering a premium service system that contributes to achieving University vision.


The General Affairs Agency seeks to provide a efficient and effective working environment and a distinct university environment by providing outstanding services to its beneficiaries through specialized professional staff, scientific and ethical qualifications.


  • Adherence to ethical principles and professional standards
  • Promote team spirit.
  • Contribute to an appropriate learning environment by providing requirements The educational process that falls within the jurisdiction of the Agency
  • Development of a regulatory framework for the University’s financial resources and the adoption of transparency and principle Accountability for university fiscal balance
  • Applying quality standards to increase job efficiency and performance excellence and to achieve comprehensive quality standards and academic accreditation requirements.
  • Development of the University’s own revenue.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Overseeing and reviewing the financial, administrative and technical affairs at the university level with a view to ensuring the proper functioning and procedures.
  2. Coordination between the work of public departments under his supervision and colleges and centers and conduct them in harmony and integration.
  3. Supervising the preparation of the necessary regulations and regulations for financial and administrative affairs in accordance with the law and applicable decisions in this regard and submitting them to the University President.
  4. Take the necessary action on a daily basis to conduct work in order to achieve discipline, development and improvement of work
  5. Issue administrative and executive orders within its jurisdiction under the law And regulations in force
  6. Propose projects and businesses that will develop self-revenue Of the University
  7. Work on establishing and maintaining administrative and financial information automation systems for the University
  8. Participation in the preparation of annual financial and administrative final reports
  9. Work to comply with the laws, regulations and regulations related to human and financial resources
  10. Supervise the preparation of the estimated budget of the University’s administrative and academic units, follow-up its discussion with the authorities and work on its approval
  11. Supervise and maintain the facilities and buildings of the University and supervise and follow up its construction projects
  12. Supervision and control of all matters relating to the functions of financial management and administration Contracts and purchases and their follow-up, such as tenders and others, and scrutinize their business
  13. Any other functions and competencies provided for by the law and its executive regulations or mandated by the president of the University

Affiliated Administrations

– IT Department

  • Software and Operating Systems Module
  • Networking and Internet Module
  • Technical Service and Support

– The Office of human resources

  • Personnel and Archives Unit
  • The Unit for General Relations and Services

– Financial Management

  • General Accounts and Financial reporting Unit
  • Treasury and Collecting Unit
  • Stores Unit

The self resources office

– Technical affairs and projects office


the committees headed by the vice-president are as follows:

  • Chairman of the study and Examinations Committee at the University
  • Chairman of the personnel Affairs Committee
  • Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Training Center
  • Chairman of the University’s organizational structure and job description Review Committee
  • Chairman of the University Procurement Committee
  • Chairman of the Committee on the preparation of budget estimates
  • Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Medical Education Conference 2019
  • Chairman of the Management Committee for risk Management
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Supervision of expansions
  • Chairman of the management committee of the University social benefits fund

The Committees membership by the Vice-President is as follows:

  •  Member of the Strategic Plan Review and preparation Committee
  • Member of the University’s curriculum and teaching methods development committee

Regulations and evidence

  • Financial regulations
  • Regulations of tuition fees
  • Regulations Personnel matters
  • Procurement Regulations
  • Regulation of bids

Organizational Chart

University Vice President For General Affairs 2


Meeting of the Committee on the Follow-up of the General Affairs of the University

The Committee on Follow-up to general Affairs procedures of the University held a meeting this morning Headed by Dr. Abdulla

Libyan International Medical University and Its distinguished Services For the Students

University Vice Dean for General  Affairs Dr. Abdualla   EL- Mansoury and the General Manager of Mazaya Mr.Hafeth  Al-Touati  has signed

The general affairs committee in the Libyan International University held yesterday its tenth meet

The Libyan International University’s General Affairs Committee held yesterday its tenth meeting under the chairmanship of its Chairman Dr. Abdulla

Meeting to follow up the general affairs of the University

The committee to follow up the general affairs procedures in the university held a meeting last Thursday Headed by  Dr.