University proxies:

  1. University proxies for Public Affairs.
  2. University proxies in education.
  3. University proxies in Academic Affairs.
  4. University Proxy in Graduate Studies and Research.
  5. University Proxy for Health Facilities.

Terms of reference of University proxies:

First: The terms of reference of University proxies for Public Affairs:
Responsibility for determining the required resources and the search for them and provided at the lowest cost and in the fastest time. And it includes human resources, financial, material and information. And in order to achieve this exercise the following powers:

  1. Develop strategies and Determining resources required plans in coordination with other organizational units of the University and the search for sources and provide them.
  2. Determine the numbers and qualifications of required new staff, and assign and train.
  3. Search for talent among new graduates from faculty related to the University’s work and the needs of human resources.
  4. The composition of links with suppliers to identify the levels of quality and price they have, and save the list of accredited suppliers and implementation of procurement processes by the supply system and authorized purchases
  5. Supervision of the stores and Establishment of an electronic system to request and exchange and re-order and inventory control and continuous inventory.
  6. Establishment of system for the management of human resources at the University of polarization and until the end of the service.
  7. Establishment of an accounting system and secure and analyze every transaction and supervise the university accounts in the bank and submit periodic reports and exceptional executive management about the financial position and liquidity of the University.
  8. Management of university assets and maintain the assist in the optimal usage.
  9. Implementation of public services, supply office supplies including security and safety equipment.
  10. Work on the establishment of an electronic management and finance information systems for the University and maintain the system.
  11. Participation in the preparation of budget estimates and monitor the implementation of the budget resources.
  12. Supervise the preparation of financial administrative annual closing reports.
  13. Contact departments and government institutions and foreign entities for the university.
  14. Work on the university’s compliance with laws and regulations and regulations in relations to human resources and financial resources.

Second: The terms of reference University proxies in education:

The review, development, modernization and innovation in the curriculum and learning assessment that will help the university achieve strategic goals. In order to achieve this exercise the following powers are permitted:

  1. Develop and implement control over the curriculum and learning and assessment methods of the development strategy. And setting goals that are consistent with the goals and vision of the university
  2. Develop and apply standards and systems and processes necessary to enable effective control over the quality of academic performance and identify the improvements needed in the provision of curriculum and methods of learning and assessment.
  3. Initiate and the implementation of studies on the satisfaction of faculty members, students and others to identify improvements required in the curriculum and methods of learning and quality assessment.
  4. Implementation and initiate of research and studies related disciplines or other target for the expansion of the university to open branches or the establishment of branches of colleges in other areas.
  5. Help other organizational units at the university in curriculum assessment and ways of learning and accredited assessment.
  6. Assist in developing marketing brochures and accompanying documents to improve the marketing of colleges and university services.
  7. Working as a major source of expertise at the university in matters of curriculum development and ways of learning and assessment.
  8. Maintain regular contact with the deans and members of faculty and make sure their informed of any developments in the curriculum and learning and assessment methods.
  9. Preserve the know-how developments in the area of curriculum and learning and assessment methods of research and development related to ensure the continuation of the university’s ability to compete effectively.
  10. Coordination with all other administrative units at the university in the field of business process management, and in particular with regard to the development of curricula and learning and assessment methods.
  11. Coordination with the government and local and international civil competent institutions and curricula and teaching methods and exchange experiences with them.
  12. Organizing conferences and seminars that deal with the affairs of curriculum and learning development and academic assessment ways in the field of university disciplines.

Third: University proxies in Academic Affairs

It shall direct and monitor the academic affairs at the university to ensure the achievement of the targets according to quality and standards within the limits and budgets in order to achieve this exercise the following disciplines are permitted:

  1. Participation in the preparation of the strategic plan and contribute to the preparation of the annual budget estimates in coordination with the deans and other organizational units. Faculty members, scientific and educational aids and all academic activities library.
  2. Proposal of new educational programs after verifying the importance and need of the market and its coordination with the deans involved and presented to the University Council.
  3. Supervision of polarization and operation of faculty members and other staff in the learning process. And find their motivation and training doing their job according to the required standards in coordination with the deans.
  4. Supervise and coordinate the identification and the supply of materials for laboratories and other teaching materials in coordination with the university proxy of curriculum and learning and assessment and other related organizational units of the university.
  5. Coordinate with units responsible for private parties of interest in relations and take advantage of knowledge in improving academic programs.
  6. Identify and analyze and improve processes that affect student service and related parties of interest in order to increase the effectiveness and raise the efficiency of the university.
  7. Situ measurement of performance of employees in the educational process on an ongoing basis and focus on the good academic performance and scientific indicators.
  8. Coordination the academic calendar with colleges and other departments.
  9. Supervising the work of libraries and the follow-up to secure access to electronic subscriptions in the prestigious libraries to enable students to have access to reliable sources and modern disciplines in various faculties.
  10. Work on securing adequate teaching aids and maintain them both physically and virtually, and make available for the use of students.
  11. Monitor the performance of the faculty members and work to improve their abilities to increase the performance.
  12. Follow-up efforts to reduce costs and to recommend the exclusion of activities that do not add value to the targeted educational process.
  13. Supervise the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, scientific and academic all local and international activities proposed by colleges and approved by the University Council.
  14. Supervise the university systematic publications and scientific productivity of the university faculties and coordination in the implementation and follow-up.
  15. Proposal of awards and scientific competitions and supervision of the organization and location.
  16. Preparation of annual reports to the Council units performance to the proxy and suggest ways to increase capacity and improve performance for their workers.

Fourth: The terms of reference of university proxy in Graduate Studies and Research

Shall direct and control the affairs of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in order to achieve the university’s strategy in the field of renewal and within the limits of quality standards and assessed budgets and in order to achieve this exercise follows are permitted:

  1. The development and implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan of the university in the field of higher studies and scientific research
  2. Provide the market needs of the disciplines of graduate programs and planning the appropriate process to meet these needs.
  3. Directing and monitoring programs of scientific research and community service, and take advantage of the various colleges.
  4. Oversee the standards and systems that will maintain the health, safety and prevention in the laboratory and the laboratory where scientific research setting are conducted.
  5. Coordinate with other organizational units of the University and activate feedback concerning the operation of scientific programs.
  6. Work to form links with the private sector enterprises and enhance cooperation with the possibilities of things in research and development.
  7. Working to attract highly qualified professionals in the field of scientific research and to provide a suitable environment for attracting them to work in various researches.
  8. Design and provide training programs for scientific research, according to the latest methods and techniques and offer to university students and others interested in the field of scientific research.
  9. The composition of links and local and external relations with the graduate institutions to cooperate in the field of studies and research.
  10. Oversee the Establishment of advanced scientific research laboratory and provide the necessary facilities and managing issues.
  11. prepare and submit annual reports on the progress of graduate studies and research to University Council.

Fifth: The terms of reference of university proxy for health facilities

Shall direct and control the affairs of health facilities and to ensure the availability of the capabilities needed for the application and practice what’s been learned by a student in a professional environment and under the supervision of mentors and competent doctors and using the latest technology and styles available.
Ululation in achieving this exercise the following powers are permitted:

  1. Preparation and implementation and monitoring strategy for sanitation plan enhances the strategic plan for the University to provide modern possibilities and restoration of student learning.
  2. Directing the assigned management of health facilities and training and create motivation so they offer the best possible health services within the limits and achieve economic feasibility budgets.
  3. Negotiating with service contractors to get the best price and the highest quality services.
  4. Review reports of various facilities and submit a summarized report to the university council reveling the complications.
  5. Directing the operations and maintenance of the related facilities and directing and overseeing the preparation of operational budget estimates.
  6. Work to reduce waste in the use of resources and to make sure that all the activities that are being made in health facilities tend to the health care effort and training students.
  7. Coordinate with other organizational units of the University in order to make the work of health facilities flow regularly and at the prescribed quality levels.
  8. Ensure compliance with the instructions and official regulations concerning the documentation and archiving of documents ready to brief any control authorities.
  9. Proposal and assistance in obtaining additional health facilities and benefit in the training of students and additional revenue for the University.
  10. Ensure preparation of contingency plans (fire and evacuation and damage to equipment, etc.) which affects the health or safety of persons or the level of services provided by the facility.
  11. Ensure compliance with laws and instructions and applicable regulations and maintain good links with the relevant control authorities.
  12. Focus on the new technologies to benefit both in the management of health facilities or in the education of university students and the adoption of renewal as one of the basic strategies of the university.

The terms of reference of the Dean of the College:

Dean is the executive president of the faculty and the focus of the educational process, and the main duties include overseeing the drafting of the Strategic Plan and other faculty plans. And implementation and control of the performance until objectives are achieved in order to maintain the competitive advantage of the university. Through compliance with legislation and instructions and official rules and quality standards prescribed and within the approved budgets.
In order to achieve the following is permitted:

  1. The leadership of the educational process in the faculty, including the curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment in coordination with the faculty staff and faculty members and other organizational units of the University and adopt the concept of continuous improvement.
  2. Encourage students and faculty members on scientific research and restoration services and knowledge. Including making sure the efficiency of researchers and train them and develop them in accordance with the competent authorities in the university organizational units.
  3. Working full shift from traditional teaching methods to the strategy adopted at the university using Almadilan solution in all distances that allow it.
  4. Guide staff and faculty members and students to community service and an extract considered as an integral part of the total duties.
  5. Guide and control the college staff and train them and develop them and find their motivation and reward them based on the presence of the modified performance.
  6. Attract faculty members and recruit and train for their development and adoption of methods adopted in the University and retention and appreciation on the basis of performance.
  7. Supervise the preparation of budget estimates for the faculty and coordination with the competent organizational units of the university to reach a discretionary budgets and effective exchange in its borders and control over its implementation.
  8. Attract students and work on their enrollment and registration and greet them and pursue scientific careers to graduation and help coordinate with the organizational units of the university.
  9. Determining infrastructure needs of the faculty and coordinate with the competent organizational units to provide all the requirements necessary for the success of the educational process, including printing and electronic references.
  10. Coordination with the Department of Information Technology and Telecom to automate important processes, especially in regard to the interface between students and teachers and the faculty.
  11. Provide all the required information on the educational process in the faculty for internal users and external and update this information on a continuous basis.
  12. Supervise the preparation and submit annual reports on the progress of the faculty to university council to benefit from them in overcoming any difficulties encountered.
  13. Preserve the proficiency with the latest developments of the faculty majors and keep up and put it into practice in coordination with the competent organizational units of the university.