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The university since its establishment has kept pace with the scientific and technological progress. The university established various colleges working to respond to the requirements of development, by supplying them with the required competencies and high qualified personnel. From this perspective, the university initiated in 2010/2011 the establishment of faculty of Information Technology which awards a bachelor’s degree in this specialty, in order to achieve a significant leap in the development of the health sector.  The objective of the establishment of this faculty meets the needs of the community for the necessary disciplines in the field of information technology, health informatics, and health care. In addition to establishing a solid relationships with the community especially with regard to advanced courses and training of staff, and to encourage scientific research in the field of IT and health care management for the benefit of society. As well as working on the provision of the infrastructure and staff required for the software industry and technical support in all the kinds of the health and medical institutions.


To obtain the first Ranks with the corresponding regional faculties according to international standards. To be holistic leading faculty in providing high-quality education. Well as in the achievement of the quality of research in the areas of information technology and health care management through a partnership with the community, by the year 2015.


Faculty seeks to:

• Contribute to the development and modernization of the educational system through training of national competencies and prepare them to contribute to the activation of human development plans and the development process in the fields of medicine in general.

• Enter advanced technology, and contribute to the creation of a qualified generation able to cope with the technical and different sectors of the health service of the community and provide logistics consulting “scientific and technical”.

• Dissemination a culture of information and defining the automation of Medical and Health domain.

This faculty graduate is characterized as acquiring knowledge and skills that make him a successful manager, able to manage health information systems and other disciplines, where he will gain information that qualifies him to be able to employ the good knowledge gained in the management and institution building.

As the faculty based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) system, which qualifies students with the following skills:

• Integration between medical science, management and information technology systems.

• Ability of problem-solving skill.

• Ability of self-learning.

• Ability of self-assessment.

• Ability to communicate.

• Ability to work in a team.

• Acquisition of professional ethics and management discussion and scientific sessions.

• Share information with others and respect team members.


• Prepare and develop a curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of the Libyan society.

• Provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the work of members of the multidisciplinary team.

• Provide students with the necessary needed skills to continue educating themselves and others during their careers and the process.

• Respond to the scientific and personal needs of students.

• Working with students in order to access methods and techniques in support of students in determining their scientific and personal interests.

• Develop mechanisms that prevent pressures that hinder the  student, and develop mechanisms to treat them.

• Cooperation with sectors of society in specifying the health  and medical needs of the community, and make efforts to meet them.

• Develop an organizing mechanism to facilitate the process of managing the curriculum in terms of continuously updated. And encourage faculty staff members to fully contribute to the development of curricula in the field of information technology and health care management, and keeping up with new ones.

• Develop a mechanism for the development of faculty staff  members and acquire the skills and modern teaching methods and the use of advanced technologies in it.

• Stimulate scientific research within the disciplines of the faculty.

• The development of centers of excellence with expertise to provide scientific and technical consulting.

• The development of the Human Resources of the University

• Prepare graduate and enable them to practice and master the technical and management professions  in the field of health, and enable them to be innovative in   the field of information technology and health management in the health sector.

• Strengthen the partnership between the faculty and the community.

System/Program of study

The study in the IT faculty based on semesters. Each academic year includes, two semesters: first,  the autumn semester and the second the spring academic semester. Each semester consists of (16) sixteen weeks, including two weeks for the final exams, according to the prepared study program, prepared by the faculty, which follows the schedule of lectures and scientific sessions.  Faculty can add a third semester – summer – when there is the potential to do so.

Study duration

The study is organized to meet graduation requirements after eight semesters (4 years) minimum and twelve semesters (6 years) max.

The academic degree awarded by the faculty:

•  Bachelor of Information Technology.