University Leadership

Valuable leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively.

Prof. Mohamed Saad Embark

University's president

Prof. Abdulla Mohammed Elmansoury

Vice President For Learning Affairs.
Dean Faculty of Applied Medical Science.

Prof. Al-Senussi Mohamed Al-Taher

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs.
Academic Operations Officer.
Dean of the Faculty Dentistry.

Prof. Adel Ibrahim Touati

university president consultant for teaching and learning operations

Prof. Ali Saeed Al-Barghathi

Prof. Ali Saeed Al-Barghathi

Community and Environmental Service Operations Officer / University Vice Dean for Community and Environmental Service

Prof. Dr. Tawfiq Mohammed Al-Taweel

University Vice Dean for Information Technology Services / ICT Operations Officer / Dean of the College of Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Salama Abdelkarim Boukhotta

Prof. Dr. Salma Abdelkarim Boukhtwa

Vice Rector for Research and Consultation Affairs / Responsible for Research and Studies Operations / Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Jamal Ali Al-Talhi

Prof. Dr. Jamal Ali Al-Talhi

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Sabri Jubran

Dean of Faculty of Business Administration

Omar Al-Dinali

Prof.Dr. Omar Al-Dinali

Dean Of Faculty Of Engineering

Mr. Fathi Kurd

Vice Rector for Public Affairs

Mr. Abdel-Qader Al-Taeb

Head of Business process management.

Prof. Reida El-Oakely

Director of the Health Department