IT Support & Services

The age in which we live is witnessing the growth and speed of computer technologies and software.
Therefore, the Libyan International University has realized the importance of technology in bettering the different processes of the university, in addition to improving the quality of performance, and speed in productivity. This has led to the university taking the initiative to keep pace with this rapid development in technology.
Many services and electronic systems have been developed and designed, which help and save time and effort in completing work in both academic and administrative aspects. Among these services are, for example, but not limited to:

Technical services

Digital services

University strategic plan system

The system for evaluating faculty members applying to work at the university

Teaching staff affairs system

Student registration system

Student Information System (SIS)

The moodle platform For LIMU

The actual inventory system for university assets

General accounts system

Library system

personnel system

Technical support system

Internal correspondence system

Research Portal

The electronic archive system

Medical stores system

E ELPS System

Mydispense System

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