Quality and Accreditation

The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences has adopted the application of the quality system in its comprehensive concept in order to achieve the principle of excellence and global leadership. The quality policy aims to achieve the university’s vision and strategic plan through processes, projects and systems that enable the implementation of procedures efficiently and effectively, and the adoption of continuous improvement methods by evaluating and correcting performance in accordance with the standards approved by the university. .
The university’s quality policy includes establishing a culture of quality, auditing and accreditation, supporting academic units to obtain local and international accreditations, and supporting administrative units by contributing and supervising the formulation of administrative procedures to ensure improved performance in all areas of the university’s work. The student has a fundamental role in implementing the university’s quality system through Active participation in opinion polls conducted by the university or college, in evaluating courses and the academic program, and expressing opinion in the processes of improving and developing academic programs.
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