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 A statement of the university’s educational, cognitive, and intellectual project, highlighting the unique values and ambitious ideas on which the university is founded, working to promote positive principles and noble ideals, strengthening partnership with society, and contributing to its advancement.

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LIMU's anthem

We came as the dawn to removed darkness We came as the doctor to cure all illnesses. We are the sons and daughters of LIMU….
Lyrics by: Al-Sadiq Al-Sousi
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About LIMU

The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences is the first private national university in the field of medical education. Since its official opening on October 20, 2007.
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Visual identity

Guidebook for the for the LIMU Visual Identity.
Academic departments

LIMU Management

The university is managed by a group of councils that all come together to keep the university superior locally and competitive at the Arab and international levels. These councils are being formed in accordance with the regulations in force since the establishment of the university.

Higher Management

Prof. Mohamed Saad Embark

University's president

Prof. Abdulla Mohammed Elmansoury

Vice President For Learning Affairs.
Dean Faculty of Applied Medical Science.

Prof. Al-Senussi Mohamed Al-Taher

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs.
Academic Operations Officer.
Dean of the Faculty Dentistry.

Prof. Adel Ibrahim Touati

university president consultant for teaching and learning operations

University Strategic Direction

The strategic plan of the Libyan International University for Medical Sciences is a renewed document, prepared to represent the new path that the university is following, to enhance its competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally, and to achieve a quantum leap, according to a predetermined path, in order to reach its goals and achieve its vision and mission.


LIMU timeline

Origin and Evolution

Our history is rich and inspiring. Our future will be avant-garde and pioneering. Dive into our past and look into our future.
Technical services and technologies LIMU

Technical services and technologies

The age in which we live is witnessing the growth and speed of computer technologies and software. Therefore, the Libyan International University has taken the initiative to keep pace with this rapid development in technology the information
LIMU strategic direction

University Policies

Establishing principles as a basis and guide for later action, and articulating the University’s official statements on issues it deems important to the governance of the University.

More About Limu

The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences has adopted the application of the quality system in its comprehensive concept to achieve the principle of excellence and global leadership.

Problem-based learning is the centerpiece of the new and improved teaching and learning technique being implemented at the Libyan International Medical University.

Top Reasons You Should Consider Attending LIMU University

The Libyan International Medical University consists of general requirements that are a significant part of all of the bachelor’s degree programs it offers

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