The Admissions Department is responsible for applying all required procedures in order to get students admitted into LIMU, based on admission criteria specified by the respective Faculties. Whether you are a prospective first-year, transfer, visiting, non-degree, second degree, or international student, LIMU is rich in opportunities.
Academic departments


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary based on the application type (new, transfer, visiting or non-degree applicants). Please click on the following link for further information about admission requirements.

Placement Test

placement tests in subjects like math and English to check the academic skill levels of entering students.

Admission Application Timeline


Transcript Requirements

The university that provides the transcript must be recognized by the Libyan Ministry of Education (no Ministry stamps required from universities known to be recognized).

Academic Programs

Students earn undergraduate degrees in three schools: School of Humanities and Sciences. School of Engineering.

Graduate Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at LIMU University are paid at the beginning of each semester.


We are committed to making a world-class education affordable.

Will cover the full tuition fees

Accommodation, and an enough amount of pocket money to the international students Only if they live away from their family.

Students can choose to study at any of the degrees offered

Except for Dentistry due to very limited spaces.