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The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences is the first private national university in the field of medical education. Since its official opening on October 20, 2007, the university has been able to lead its field locally, and has made great efforts to maintain its academic excellence and the quality of its programs, and has devoted its efforts and capabilities to ensure that the largest number of options are available to its students. The university is striving at an accelerated pace, towards achieving a high level of quality in its performance and outputs, according to international standards, by obtaining academic accreditation for its various specializations, and establishing scientific partnerships with regionally equivalent institutions.
The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences is characterized by the diversity of its programs. As it offers eighteen (18) programs in various disciplines, distributed over seven colleges, run by various scientific expertise, consisting of two hundred and seven faculty members (207), and studying two thousand and ninety-seven male and female students (2097).
The university is unique in specializations that are not available in Libyan universities, such as:
  • Basic medical science majors.
  • Pharm D program.
  • Specialization in Health Informatics.
  • Specialization in Mechatronics Engineering.
Although it started with medical specialties, and therefore its name was associated with medical sciences, the needs of the health sector and the labor market required the diversity of its programs and their multiplicity, to meet the needs of its students. With this diversity and multiplicity of programs, which moved away from medical sciences, the university kept the same name with which it started, and decided to preserve its name, traditions and distinction. It is applied in all administrative and academic units, in order to give the university a character that distinguishes it, to show integration and harmony between it, and to provide the best image of the university, through all types of visual communications (printed materials / electronic media / promotional materials / office materials), and to achieve a distinct and long-term realization in The university’s internal and external community. The university also creates an advanced academic environment, by providing classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest teaching and technology methods, and it is concerned with providing an integrated work environment for its members, faculty, staff and students.

The university was keen to promote scientific research and support the capabilities of creativity and innovation among students and faculty members alike, and the university proceeds with this from its mission and its absolute belief that scientific research, creativity and innovation is the main way to advance society, in addition to the role of scientific research in improving the educational process and preparing students To enter a new phase characterized by the ability to solve problems and critical thinking, and scientific research is carried out by faculty members from various faculties in addition to the research and projects carried out by students under the supervision of their professors. Professors and students, covering the expenses of publishing research in scientific journals and participating in specialized scientific conferences. Colleges and scientific centers in the university contribute to holding scientific days and specialized scientific conferences.

A sustainable university

In line with the “United Nations Framework for a Sustainable University”, which aims to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the university through four main areas: education and research, people and society, environment and climate, management and governance, the Libyan International University for Medical Sciences seeks to achieve a sustainable university environment and create an ideal model that stimulates awareness And societal culture in the university environment, providing visions related to societal challenges, reducing environmental and social impacts within the university campus, and making sustainability a priority.

University Memberships

The university joins a number of regional and international federations, always striving to be at the forefront of excellence and creativity in education, research and community partnership.

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President Message

The Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) represents the courageous initiative and the serious successful attempt to elevate and steer the high education sector away from the current national bad status.
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