LIMU University policies

The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences, as a leading institution for private higher education in Libya, is committed to preparing graduates who are distinguished by the appropriate knowledge, skills, competencies, and good professional behaviors, which enable them to practice the profession in the various fields of health care, and to conduct scientific research in their various fields of specialization. It seeks to implement the quality management system, by consolidating the principles and foundations of a culture of self-evaluation and continuous improvement, as well as implementing the quality assurance requirements established by the Quality Assurance Center, accreditation of higher education institutions in Libya and international accreditation centers.
To accomplish these tasks, the university undertakes the following:
  • Commitment to the rules of good governance and the scientific foundations of management.
  • Preparing advanced academic programs to accomplish the mission of continuing medical education and learning.
  • Carrying out self-evaluation programs periodically.
  • Establishing academic partnerships with prestigious international bodies, organizations and universities, with the aim of exchanging experiences, consultations and academic cooperation.
  • Training human resources at the university on self-evaluation and improving opportunities for continuous development.
  • Confirming the values of quality, excellence, competitiveness and innovation of the university.
  • Using Arabic and English to introduce the university, through the international information network and various media, while preserving the privacy of others.
  • Providing a sophisticated scientific and educational environment that encourages creation, creativity and innovation, and avoids stereotypes, simulation and repetition.
  • Supporting student activities to strengthen the bonds of familiarity between students, working on developing talents and abilities, and promoting morals and values.
  • Commitment to transparency and scientific honesty in the implementation of the announced and approved controls and in the admission of students, as well as in the implementation of educational programs.
  • Commitment to participate and contribute to all activities and various events in the community, realizing its pioneering role and the importance of participation for the advancement and advancement of society.
In order to implement these tasks, the university has adopted the “Development of University Policies” document, which governs the process of developing, approving and reviewing policies, procedures and models at the university level, in addition to the sub-policies for each policy.
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