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The First Private University Established In Libya, With The Purpose Of Teaching Medicine.



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The University and the Mechanism of Establishing Policies and Procedures

The university organized a workshop on the mechanism of establishing policies and procedures at the university level during the past

The Consultancy Committee of the Faculty of Medicine Holds its First Meeting

The consultancy committee of the faculty of medicine held its first remote meeting directed by Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi, the dean

The Faculty of AMS Participates in an Engineering Conference

The faculty of applied medical sciences participated in an international conference organized by the faculty of engineering at the University

The University President Honors the Former Vice-Dean for Public Affairs

The president of the university council, Prof. Muhammad Saad Embark, held a ceremony in honor of the former vice-dean for

The Faculty of Pharmacy Discusses the Graduation Projects of the Second Batch of the Pharm.D Program

From last Monday until Wednesday, the faculty of pharmacy discussed the thesis proposals with the second batch of the Pharm.D

The Libyan International Medical University Surpasses Libyan Universities in the Digital Repository Rates

The report of the digital repository of the Libyan International Medical University (December 2021 AD) revealed that the university had

Our Latest Events

The Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Information Technology February 2020

The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences celebrated on Friday evening February 7, 2020 the graduation of the students of

Workshop On Mental Health In The Time Of Corona

This morning the workshop (mental health in the time of Covid-19) organized by the Training and Continuing Learning Centre, in

The University President Presents His Experience In Facing Challenges

The President of the University Council, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saad Embarak, participated during the past two days in a panel

University’s Media Activities

The Second Scientific Day for the Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology organized this morning the second scientific day of the faculty (online) at the Libyan International

Faculty of Dentistry and Spreading Awareness to School Students

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Dentistry has organized regular visits to basic education schools in Benghazi as part of

Learning Style Based on Problem Solving (Problem Based Learning)

The Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) depends on modern and advanced learning methodologies, one of them being Problem Based Learning,