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Speech of the President of the Libyan....

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Dr. Sabih Al-Mashhadani, Head of Evaluation ...

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The university is always looking towards leadership and excellence, through the implementation of educational programs that achieve the outcomes of international competitiveness.

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A place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse

Academic departments

Our Amazing People

Prof. Mohamed Saad Embark

University's president

Prof. Abdulla Mohammed Elmansoury

University Vice President for Leering Dean, Faculty of applied Medical Sciences

Prof. Al-Senussi Mohamed Al-Taher

University Vice President for academic affairs and post Graduate Dean of Dental Faculty

Prof. Adel Ibrahim Touati

Education Consultant

It is necessary to keep pace with these astonishing accelerating changes that the world witnesses every hour and not oppose them, and to prepare for them through an integrated national vision, developing learning and training strategies, and developing innovation and creativity mechanisms and knowledge management mechanisms.

Dr. Mohamed Saad

University's president

What Happens On LIMU

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Final Practical Exams AMS


promo of the scientific day of the Faculty of Medicine 2023


Student Assessment Exam Validity and Reliability Dr Sara Glessa


What People Say About LIMU

Regarding LIMU, They Stated: One of the most opulent scientific institutions we've ever seen in terms of hospitality, administration, curricula, teaching methods, recording and preparing lectures, students and staff, practical framework, entertainment, library, administrative, media, technology, concern for the environment, health awareness, and other aspects of its proud educational tradition that private and public educational institutions alike should emulate. The Libyan International Medical University of Excellence is the name we shall address it with henceforth. Chairman of the supreme committee for honoring distinguished employees, Prof. Suleiman Izkim Al-Agouri

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Moftah Al-Shteiwi

Representative of the British Royal College of Surgeons
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