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LIMU Elects New Student Union Leadership

Playing a crucial role within the university, LIMU's Student Union represents students in all university council sessions. Upholding democratic rotation, a brand new Student Union was elected on February 25th, 2024, witnessed by University Registrar Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghribi. Here's the new leadership: President: Mohamed Farouk Mohamed Boujwari Members: Renad Saad Boubaker Al-Sharif, Youssef Salem Mohamed Al-Subaihi, Amal Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Dhaibi, Maryam Jalal Miloud Al-Hassi, Mahmoud Ali Abdelsalam Al-Sharata, Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Haddad. Outgoing Union Representative: Montaser Ballah Awad Ismail Al-Huti. Congratulations to the newly elected members! We wish them success in their upcoming endeavors.

Students Union Activities

LIMU Students Stand in Solidarity with Palestinians

On Thursday morning, November 23rd, 2023, LIMU’s Student Union, in cooperationwith the Community Service Office at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences,organized a solidarity stand with the Palestinian people, who are being subjected to awar of extermination by the criminal Zionists.Early in the morning, university students gathered, wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh andcarrying the Palestinian flag,

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LIMU Celebrates Independence Day

The Student Union at LIMU, in cooperation with the Department of Communications,celebrated Independence Day, which falls on December 24th. The celebration began onthe morning of December 25th, 2022, with students as the focus and youth as thefoundation. The university was decorated beautifully, with students keen to embodyauthentic Libyan heritage. We saw horsemen riding horses eloquently

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LIMU Spreads Joy and Charity :The 2nd LIMU Charity Bazaar Opens

When young people in this country are given a healthy environment and a positiveatmosphere, they are creative, innovative, and can indeed achieve excellence. This isnot a motivational statement, but rather a reality proven and solidified by the uniqueachievements of the youth of this university, even on a global level.Yesterday, we witnessed another example of this

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Open Forum with University President

Following President Dr. Mohamed Saad’s commitment to open communication, theStudent Union of LIMU hosted a meeting with the president on November 16th, 2022.This open forum allows students to directly ask questions and share ideas. Followingthe discussion, Dr. Saad will deliver a lecture titled “Barriers to Building a Nation,”aiming to foster patriotism among students, the nation’s

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IT Students Elect the Student Union Representatives

Observing the nominated candidates, IT students democratically elected their StudentUnion representatives through a transparent voting process. The Dean, Prof. Dr. TawfiqAl-Tawil, and Registrar Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghribi witnessed the elections, expressing theirsatisfaction with the active participation and adherence to electoral rules.

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Registrar and Student Union Visit Saray Bank

Following the successful university visit by Saray Bank officials, and to activate thecooperation protocol, University Registrar Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghribi, accompanied by theStudent Union, visited Saray Bank’s Benghazi branch on August 29th, 2022.Discussions focused on offering exclusive banking services to university students.

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Faculty of Medicine Dean Meets with Student Union

On March 25th, 2023, the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Medicine met with students andthe Student Union. He provided a preliminary update on program accreditation andstudent involvement. A dedicated student meeting will follow to emphasize their role inachieving the faculty’s vision, mission, and goals, and fulfilling accreditationrequirements. Additionally, the meeting addressed final preparations for

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University President Commences First Meeting of Student Union

Aligned with the LIMU’s Student Union’s strategic goals of uniting student efforts forimprovement, President Dr. Mohamed Saad, Registrar General Ibrahim Al-Maghribi,and Union Head Khalil Al-Jazwi launched the first joint meeting. Dr. Saad emphasizedthe vital role students play in achieving success across education, development, andpractical aspects of university life. The Union announced the student body’s launch,detailing

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Leith and Faraj, IT students, complete a system for one of the Libyan universities.


As a confirmation of the excellence of LIMU students and the quality of the scientific training they have received according to the latest learning methods, in compliance with national and international standards, the students Laith Ahmed Al-Farjani and Faraj Talal Bougarara established a “freelance team” to implement software networks. This team includes a number of students from the College of Information Technology. Recently, “Laith and Faraj,” who are in the seventh semester, completed a system for one of the universities in Benghazi city, “Middle East University for Modern Sciences,” and the university praised the MOODLE system developed by LIMU students. This enhances our confidence in our theoretical and applied scientific programs, which qualify graduates for the job market with competitive skills and capabilities that open up wide opportunities for them and provide job opportunities that are not available to others.

FIFA 23 League Final Standings: "Boushiha" in first place "Bazaza" in second place "Al-Tahami" in third place

Celebrations filled the air as LIMU’s Ramadan FIFA tournament concluded on Wednesday at 11:30 PM. The event, organized by the Student Union led by President Khalil Al-Jazwi, was a success, with positive energy and enthusiastic participation.

University President Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saad and General Registrar Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghribi were also present to witness the closing ceremony.

The day began with a thrilling match that secured third place for Muhammad Al-Tehami after his 1-3 victory over Saeb Al-Zawi.

The tournament came to a close with a nail-biting finale. Jabril Boushiha secured the win after defeating Youssef Bazaza in a two-out-of-three series.

Congratulations to all the winners! We wish the other players the best of luck in future competitions.

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