LIMU Students Stand in Solidarity with Palestinians

On Thursday morning, November 23rd, 2023, LIMU’s Student Union, in cooperation
with the Community Service Office at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences,
organized a solidarity stand with the Palestinian people, who are being subjected to a
war of extermination by the criminal Zionists.
Early in the morning, university students gathered, wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh and
carrying the Palestinian flag, with the university president, leaders, and faculty members
in their midst. The university president gave a speech condemning the inaction of the
Arabs and Muslims in the face of the Zionist-Crusader onslaught. (Full speech in the
video link)
One of the university students, Abdulwahab Al-Tayeb Al-Omrani, a member of the
Student Union, read the statement of the stand, which included the following:
To the heroic Palestinian people in the city of Gaza and in every inch of the occupied
land, who are recording epics of heroism and writing pages of dignity and immortality
with blood and bodies.
For the first time in history, humanity has been exposed to this degree of hypocrisy and
collapse. Humanity is falling, and international and human rights organizations and
institutions are collapsing, and their bright slogans are stained with the blood of the

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