Why Choose LIMU

The university is always looking towards leadership and excellence, through the implementation of educational programs that achieve the outcomes of international competitiveness.

and raise with confidence and competence the ladder of professional and personal success.
Educational and Training Institutions. CQAA N is a member of the International Accreditation Institutions Network.
That the university directs the learning strategy based on dilemmas is a necessity dictated by the nature of the times and the needs and challenges of the future.
  • Basic medical sciences majors.
  • Pharm D program.
  • Health informatics major at the Faculty of Information Technology.
a rich library with electronic and paper learning resources, a center for student activity, in addition to the presence of an academic advisor for each student who supports him in achieving academic and professional success.
communication skills, problem-solving and professional ethics within the graduation requirements, in addition to designing modern evaluation methods while developing the capabilities of academic cadres to keep pace with the strategy of teaching and learning. approved.
and purposeful dealings to serve the graduates, and giving them a unique opportunity to participate in the university’s programs, in addition to providing them with a network of relationships that establish in the process of career building.
and a community of love, commitment, and communication prevails among its members.
The university administration also puts plans for reform and development and follows up on their implementation continuously.
It also sets plans and programs for sustainable professional development in the light of the results of self-evaluation of university performance.
in addition to adopting volunteer work as a compulsory graduation requirement for every male and female student seeking to establish a practical culture of volunteering and community service and creating an attractive university environment in the hearts of students and making it a culture And a way of life, which establishes the characteristics of humanity and goodness in the hearts of students and enhances their affiliation, awareness and awareness of community issues.
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