The University Honors And Celebrates its Syrian Graduates

The university honors and celebrates its Syrian graduates

This morning, the Student Activity Office of the General Registrar Department organized a ceremony in honor of the twin doctors Abd al-Rahman and Abdel-Karim Saad al-Din Abdel Aziz, graduates of the Libyan International University for Medical Sciences, for their scientific excellence during the years of study at the university and their efforts and effectiveness through the various activities of the university.

This gesture comes on the occasion of the two brothers\’ departure from outside Libya to complete their specialized studies in the medical field, after they spent more than three years working in the Libyan hospitals in Benghazi.
The ceremony was attended by the President of the University Council, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saad, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Mansouri, the Dean of the faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi, the Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Sabri Jibran, the Registrar General of the University, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghribi, and the Director Student Activity Office Professor Abu Bakr Al-Rub`, and a group of faculty members, students, and university workers
At the beginning of the ceremony, the President of the University delivered a speech in which he confirmed that the university is always proud of its graduates and is proud of their achievements and successes in various fields of their scientific and practical life inside and outside the country, indicating that the creativity and excellence achieved and achieved by university students is the result of many and joint efforts that combine and support parents from among parents Mothers, administrative and academic staff, in order to build a balanced scholarly personality for the student, in spirit, mind, and body.