The Consultancy Committee of the Faculty of Medicine Holds its First Meeting

The consultancy committee of the faculty of medicine held its first remote meeting directed by Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi, the dean of the faculty, alongside the participation of its members, Dr. Essam Al-Danaa, vice-dean of the faculty, Dr. Bashir Al-Araibi, general supervisor of the clinical phase, Dr. Sarah Qulisa, head of the medical education unit at the faculty. As well as the attendance of professors who are members of the committee, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Aqili, a consultant surgeon in Scotland, and Dr. Naji Barakat consultant pediatric surgeon in England, Dr. Manal Al-Sultani, consultant of obstetrics and gynecology in Ireland, and Dr. Abdul Razzaq Shlebek, consultant of internal medicine and hematology in England.

The meeting started off with Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi providing an explanation of the faculty\’s learning system and its general structure, in addition to the tasks assigned to the committee members and provided an overview of the faculty’s program and the role of the curriculum development committee and its quality assurance office.

The meeting discussed the tasks entrusted to the committee and the role of each member in it and was agreed upon the mechanisms in regards to periodic meetings to be held in the future.

The meeting also agreed to invite several experts in medical education to contribute to this committee.

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