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College is a educational facilities at the university, with a factor of sophisticated, and faculty members are competent in various disciplines, I took it upon themselves to prepare pharmacist inept have know-how adequate the basics of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the necessary skills, and conversant with all the recent developments in the field of service pharmacy, to be a complement to the team healthy, responsive to the needs of the community.


To prepare a college center of excellence in the field of pharmacy education and scientific research on the local and regional levels and in accordance with international quality standards, including contributing to the system of medical services to the community.


  • Preparation of a qualified pharmacist with modern pharmaceutical sciences, to serve the community in different pharmaceutical specialties.
  • Provide students with an advanced education pharmacist includes clinical sciences, qualify him to be an active member within the medical staff.
  • Providing students with the latest sources of knowledge and modern technology to develop their abilities to think critically, innovation and competition.
  • Develop programs for continuing pharmacy education and the provision of training courses in the field of modern technology enables the graduate to stand on what is new in the profession of pharmacy.
  • Continuous evaluation of the program and take advantage of educational evaluation results in the development of curricula and courses, and educational support services, and evaluation mechanism faculty members.
  • The adoption and implementation of college quality system complies with the criteria adopted at the university.


1.The preparation of a pharmacist has the ability to exercise the following functions and activities:

• dispensing systems management, and monitor their effects.

• Exchange prescriptions and counseling for patients and respond to various symptoms.

• Ensure the compatibility of recipes with patients, within their role in hospitals.

• develop and manufacture new products and supervision on pharmaceutical manufacturing, within their role in the pharmaceutical domain.

• drug discovery and new drug forms, within their role in the field of scientific research.

2. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary basic and clinical which enables graduates to practice efficiently.

3 . Develop the skills of effective communication between patients and pharmacists, and other health care providers.

4 . Develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and self-learning and optimal use of available resources.

5 . Attention to professional and ethical values, including integrity, compassion and responsibility.