A Medical Team with Expertise in Post-Disaster Environmental Situations is hosted at LIMU

Dr. Reda Al-Okali, the university’s director of health facilities, and Dr. Muftah Atwilib, the director of quality management, met during a dialogue session on the post-Daniel flood that devastated Derna and the Green Mountain regions this morning, Sunday, September 17th, 2023, at LIMU. And Dr. Ramadan Sati, the head of the medical group that conducted the environmental evaluation of the Sabri region and the nation, as well as the director of the Infection Control Office at the Benghazi ophthalmic Hospital. And Professor Anwar Al-Obaidi, who is the director of the Benghazi Ophthalmology Hospital’s analytical laboratory and a member of the medical team conducting the nation’s and region’s environmental assessments.

The discussion included a lecture where the medical team’s prior experience on the safe return of the Al-Sabri region and the nation in 2017 was presented, where the environmental situation of the area was assessed after pollution during the war period, determined the type and quantity of pollution, developed appropriate solutions, treated the area with pesticides, etc.controlling removing rodents and cleaning the space. additionally preparing a group in Derna. Following the war, the same concept was applied to Derna. The coordinated plan for health services during and after the disaster was the topic of the second portion of the discussion. The most significant illnesses and microorganisms that spread during emergencies and disasters were discussed in the third section of the lecture. and therapeutic strategies. A summary of the field survey procedure and the suggested work mechanism for implementation was prepared, and the session concluded with some recommendations.

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