Curriculum Development Committee

A Virtual Meeting Of The Curriculum Development Committee at the faculty of Pharmacy

A virtual meeting of the Curriculum Development Committee at the faculty of Pharmacy

This morning, Saturday, August 29, 2020, the periodic meetings of the Curriculum Development Committee continued in the Faculty.

The meeting was held remotely using the zoom technology and with the participation of experts from the Arab Republic of Egypt to discuss all possible methods and alternatives for implementing clinical training for students of the faculty of Pharmacy in light of the Corona pandemic.

The meeting also reviewed plans to complete Blueprints for all faculty examinations, and the educational goals of both Academic Writing and Pharmacovigilance for fifth-year students were reviewed.

It is worth noting that the faculty of Pharmacy has successfully managed to adopt an integrated learning approach in all the college’s curricula and curricula while adhering to the use of modern and interactive learning strategies that support self-learning and lifelong learning, which helped the college to successfully continue the educational process without disruption, with all the precautions associated with the Corona pandemic.

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