An Awareness Campaign from Fifth Year Students at Al-Reyadah International School

Where LIMU is
there is greatness and offering support with expertise, merit and joy…and this occurred. In addition to being skilled doctors, the fifth-year students created an atmosphere of joy and wide smiles in the vast space.

In continuation of oral and dental wellbeing an awareness campaign and inside the structure of local area administration, fifth-year students at the faculty of dentistry visited Al-Reyadah International School on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

The purpose of this visit is to inform students about the significance of maintaining their dental health and safety. With the investment and sponsorship of Al-Jeel Organization, specialist of Vitesse Dentaid items.

Al-Reyadah International School facilitated this occasion, where fifth-year understudies gave introductions on dental consideration and the significance of everyday cleanliness. They talked about how to choose the right toothbrush, why medical floss is important for cleaning teeth, and how food affects dental health.

Students at Al Reyadah International School interfaced emphatically with this occasion, as they profited from the significant information given by the student volunteers. The students showed a lot of interest in learning how to keep their teeth healthy and avoid problems in the future.

These valuable visits will contribute to enhancing healthy habits among students, encouraging them to take care of their dental health, and contributing to increasing and spreading awareness about oral and dental health. These volunteer awareness campaigns are an excellent initiative to enhance health awareness among students in the early stages of education.

The administration of Al-Reyadah International School deserves a special thank you from the faculty of dentistry for their warm welcome and for making every effort to make the students’ visit and awareness program a success.

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