An Engineering Crew from the Man-made River Authority is Visiting LIMU

The university welcomed a team from the management and implementation of the Man-Made River Project yesterday, Wednesday, May 4, 2023, represented by the Research and Consultation Center and the council of the faculty of engineering. The team emphasized the university’s role as a house of expertise for the community and a counseling center for its strategic projects, and it did so within the framework of creating bridges of cooperation between the international university and national institutions. The visiting team presented a presentation on the history of the Man-Made River project and the most significant stations that the project through in order to identify methods for the two institutions to work together in the future.

Additionally to the most crucial difficulties, the research and consultation center can work with the organization because of its experience. Dr. Moftah Al-Mahdawi, a professor at Tohoku University in Japan, is joining the faculty of engineering at LIMU in July, participated in the meeting via Zoom technology in the field of scientific research and consulting. Dr. Al-Mahdawi gave a presentation on the most significant advancements in engineering technologies. Which can benefit from the artificial river device, and the team from the university’s faculty of engineering gave a presentation on the most significant scientific capabilities held by the faculty, which could help to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of performance within the device. The two sides came to an understanding regarding the significance of their cooperation and the need to continue their meetings.

In addition to the team from the university’s research and consulting center, Dr. Salama Boukhtwa, vice president for research and consulting affairs, and Prof. Dr. Omar Al-Dinali, dean of the faculty of engineering, also attended the meeting.

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