Approval of the List of Pofessional Degrees by the University Council

The University Council’s periodic meeting No. (215), the third session of the year 2023, was held today, Tuesday, the 14th of February 2023. It was presided over by the university’s president, Dr. Muhammad Saad, and all of the university’s administrators as well as a representative of the student union were present.

The conference was begun by the university president, who thanked Dr. Reda Al-Awkali, director of health administration, for overseeing the institution while he was absent.

The university president used this greeting as a springboard to emphasize how crucial it is for the university to not be dependent on any one person or group of individuals for its leadership.

The university, despite all the challenges and unfavorable general data, is determined to fulfill its aims and objectives each year, the president reaffirmed.

The student union’s role in managing the university and participating in decision-making was highlighted in the president’s speech, along with the necessity for all university departments to collaborate with the student union as an authentic body and to offer them all the support they need in order to effectively contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the university.

The President also discussed the long-term strategic goal for the university. The university’s president welcomed the updated look and content of the university’s official website, but he also urged the faculties and departments to contribute quality content to the site that emphasizes the university’s standing as an internationally renowned institution.
The University Journal of Medical Sciences is a crucial interface for the University, thus the president also discussed the importance of paying attention to it and the faculty’s contributions to enhancing it.

In order to successfully move the university to Egypt under wartime conditions, the university president requested for effort to be done to showcase the extraordinary accomplishments achieved by the LIMU.

The discussion on the following issues on the agenda then commenced :

  1. The Council President’s statements.
  2. Acceptance of the faculty members’ list.
  3. The general rules for instruction, testing, and discipline are approved.
  4. Approval of the professional degrees list.
  5. Discussing the training programs that will be set up in the training center and contemplating the subscription costs for the staff.