As a Result of the International Delegation’s Visit: Joining Forces with Delta University for Science and Technology to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

A group from the Libyan International Medical University, led by Dr. Al-Sanousi Taher, vice president for academic affairs and postgraduate studies and dean of the faculty of dentistry, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Mansoori, vice president for learning affairs and dean of the faculty of applied medical sciences, and Dr. Salama Boukhtwa, dean of the faculty of pharmacy and director of the university research center, visited Egypt yesterday, Monday, May 1, 2023.

During a working session, the two parties talked on how to continue the conversation between the two universities that had already begun. They also discussed the many areas of collaboration and the procedures for putting the agreements into action.
A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two universities to conclude the working session. Mr. Dr. Yahya Al-Mashad signed it on behalf of Delta University, and Mr. Dr. Al-Senussi Taher signed it on behalf of the Libyan International Medical University. This was stated in the memo:

  • Collaboration in program completion and combined postgraduate supervision.
  • Collaboration in academic research, including the development of curricula and teaching strategies as well as the interchange of professors and examiners.
    student swapping.
  • Collaboration between the two universities to improve their capacity.
  • Collaboration to improve faculty members’ effectiveness through ongoing professional development with multiple student activities are coordinated cooperatively.
  • The creation of research teams, the conclusion of collaborative projects, the use of resources already at the disposal of the two universities, as well as the publication of joint research and working together to complete quality and accreditation processes in accordance with national and international standards.

Dr. Khaled Abu Al-Fadl, former dean of the faculty of dentistry at Cairo University, director of the dental industry in Egypt, and current advisor to Delta University, attended the meeting. He stressed that he is fully aware of LIMU university since its establishment, that he trusts its leaders, and that there are significant similarities between the two universities, which increases confidence in broadening the horizons of this collaboration.

The faculties of dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, applied medical sciences, and physiotherapy were among the faculties and facilities that the delegation from LIMU visited.

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