The students of the first semester (Spring 2018) at the Faculty of Information Technology (52 students distributed in groups students) participated in the brain storming session on the subject of “databases” in the course “IT Foundation” in addition to setting scientific objectives throughout the week Which will be covered in Debriefing sessions, so that students can recognize the importance of databases and how they can be distinguished from traditional methods of data preservation and database management methods.

It is worth noting that the Libyan International Medical University follows the “problem based learning method” of the problem of learning and self-study Self-Learning, a system or method known as PBL and is characterized as an advanced educational system based on the student’s situation to a specific dilemma to be discussed on the first day Brain Storming (BS). The student analyzes the ideas for discussion and draws on educational objectives under the supervision of Tutors.

Through this method or system, the student will have the opportunity to research and check the educational goals and consult the educational supervisor the next day in what is known as the presence of the teacher or supervisor Tutor Availability to recognize the depth of information and accuracy, to be held on the third day Debriefing meeting known as extracting information Debriefing where he discusses The student with his colleagues details the educational goals and is evaluated for what he presented in the panel discussion.


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