Education system:

The Study is generally divided into study stages over four academic years divided into academic units or seasons that differ from faculty to another. and from one year to another.

Duration of study the university:

Not less than four years and not more than five years.

University Academic Curriculum:

The university year starts in September of every year, and continues for (32) weeks a year, and the half year holiday is to weeks according to the university academic curriculum.


The University awards the following degrees:
1. Bachelor’s degree
2. Diploma
3. Master
4. Ph.D.

Registration university system:

The registration system is annually and is capacity determined and acceptance rates in accordance with the acceptance of the plans approved by the university council.

Admission conditions:

  1. Whoever is enrolled in the university faculties of students have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent with the acceptance criteria met in accordance with the rules and instructions related thereto.
  2. In order to accept the certificate issued from outside Libya ratified by the competent authorities in the country of issuance in Libya and subject them to the equation.
  3. The student is considered registered at the university after the required documents are met in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and acceptance of checks and payment of the prescribed fees, and is granted a university register number.
  4. Student files are saved at the University physical and electronic archive, and this file is to contain all acceptance documents and included all related student documents related academic and university issues.
  5.  All recorded student data and the conditions of the school and its results in college and the relevant records in their electronic systems