Preparing for the special charity event :The media center director meets the debate club.

The media center director meets the debate club.
As usual, when we meet them, enthusiasm seeps into us and hope surrounds us all filled with optimism, radiance, and innovative ideas. By the grace of God, Libya will be led to the shores of knowledge, progress, values, and  arts. Today, I was delighted to meet the debate club team at LIMU, and this is not the first session as we have sat together before, and they briefed me on their preparations for organizing a diverse charity event on March 1, 2024, featuring an intellectual debate. The event details are dedicated to resilient Gaza and its patient and brave people, while its proceeds will go to our people in Derna. The event is organized under the supervision and support of the General Registrar’s Office. The significance of this event lies not in its size but in its symbolism and embodiment of the noble values that LIMU instills in the hearts of its students.

  • Date : March 1, 2024
  • Time : 4:00 pm (Africa/Tripoli)

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