A group of third year students at the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences presented a seminar on “Diabetes Mellitus” through a presentation.

The group consisted of students:

(*) Monia Mohamed Abdelkader (*) Fatima Abdel Salam
(*) Yahya Salem Mohammed (*) Mouda Salem Mohammed.

The students discussed in their presentation the faculty members:

(*) Dr. Mohammed Hamza. (*) Dr. Osama Othman. (*) Dr. Magdy Sassi.
(*) Dr. Mona Kamal. (*) Dr. Rashad Shawki. (*) Dr.Amal Alnaily.
(*) Dr. Khadija Mansour. (*) Aisha Faitoury.

BMS students provide Seminars with presentations in groups (approximately 5 students per group), each group addressing a different theme, and the presentation is attended by the coordinator of the year and a number of members of the faculty, who discuss each group on the topic after its presentation.


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