Since Saturday, the Office of Education and Examinations of the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) has been conducting the final tests for the fall semester of 2018-2019 in its various specializations.

Routing Essentials and Switching Essentials were conducted this morning as part of the computer network specialization, for the fourth and fifth semesters in the first test, and for the third semester students in the second test.

they also conducted a test this morning in the subject Information System for the third semester students, a joint course between health informatics and software engineering.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) launched the Faculty of Information Technology (2010/2011) to keep pace with scientific and technological progress, as a respond to development requirements, to achieve a quantum leap in the development of the health sector and to meet the need of the community with  necessary disciplines in the field of information technology and health care informatics , Encouraging scientific research in the field of informatics, managing health care to benefit society, and working to provide the infrastructure and cadres necessary for the software industry and technical support in medical and health institutions of all kinds.

The Faculty of Information Technology is awarded a bachelor’s degree in this specialization.

The study is organized in the form of semesters, Each year includes two semesters: the first is autumn and the second is in spring, Each semester consists of sixteen weeks, including two weeks of end of the semester examinations , according to the study program prepared by the faculty, which follows the dates of lectures and scientific sessions, with the addition of a third semester, “summer” if the faculty believes that appropriate , provided that the duration of study to meet the requirements of graduation minimum eight semesters (4 years) And a maximum of 10 semesters (5 years), except for a semester In which the student is allowed to discontinue enrollment.


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