Faculty of Pharmacy: The Session Number 26 of the Faculty Council for the Academic year 2022–2023 was Held

The faculty of pharmacy council met today, February 27, 2023 AD, to discuss the faculty’s educational program. Dr. Salama Boukhtwa, the faculty’s dean, served as the meeting’s chair. As well as the presence of the faculty’s administrators to discuss on the following topics:

  1. Information about the faculty dean
  2. Examining the previous meeting’s recommendations
    3- The work of the foreign accreditation subcommittees in compliance with ACPE requirements
    4- Reports from the faculty’s study and exams office on the utilization of the university’s internal network for electronic exam administration and the use of offline Moodle Learning management system
  3. A list of the university and faculty’s medical services.
  4. Ways to evaluate the faculty’s dean and other administrative officials.
  5. Outcomes of the evaluation of the faculty’s hiring procedure.
  6. Report of the communicable diseases center field trip.
    9- Benghazi Teaching Hospital for ophthalmology field visit report
  7. Report on a lecture with documentation for the faculty’s professional development program.
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