That the office has a full-capacity  administrative system that unifies all its units – That would enable all administrative procedures to be handled with most efficiency and competency in accordance to the requirements and criteria of the management system at the accredited quality assurance of the university.



To adopt a policy of training for improvement and continued learning to perform work that is in accordance with international standards as well as the requirements of the accredited quality assurance management system, through: 


To ensure quality standards and distinction and the proportional ability of the university. 


To achieve professional and developmental programs through elevated efficiency and acquired skills for distinguished administrative performance within the framework of continuous improvement and development.

To provide a scientific and educational environment that is safe and healthy that encourages creativity and innovation that builds a professional who believes in human wellbeing as well as their mental and physical health. 

To initiate self-evaluating programs for all units.



The office’s policy aims to elevate the level of performance to provide administrative services that are capable of outstanding quality performance through:


  • Achieving the evaluation criteria within the quality manual.
  • Continuous improvement and development in both quantitative and qualitative standards that are in line with the legislation and regulations in effect at the university.
  • The gradual adoption of the operations management system and full software usage.
  • Increasing job satisfaction and a sense of belonging that is not less than 80%.
  • Increasing the professional development program by 20%.
  • Reducing paper use which helps the environment and increasing software programs by 50%.


  • Practicing the specialities related to the employment affairs of university employees in accordance with the policies of the legislation in effect.
  • Practicing administrative and technical specialities in accordance with the law and university regulations.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the emerged decisions and subject matters referred by the university president and the deans of the faculties to the relevant departments.
  • Determining the needs of the university and faculties in terms of human resources and advertising on it.
  • Supervising the annual financial/fiscal year of the university’s properties.
  • Coordination with official institutions and departments to serve the university’s goals and publicize its activities.
  • Presenting the university and its role through seminars, lectures and media.
  • Supervising and following up on the daily work and performance quota at the university’s facilities and departments, maintaining order and informing the university president of any affairs.
  • Supervising the maintenance and repairs of university facilities and upholding their cleanliness.
  • Securing safety and security and health of the profession in the university’s facilities and ensuring the preparation of precautionary equipment, first aid, and safety and protection equipment.
  • Safekeeping the personal files of university employees and staff and ensuring that they contain the required documents for hiring and academic qualifications, and documenting everything related to the career life of the employee or faculty staff in their personal file.
  • Making suggestions for the organization, reorganization, restructuring and operative modifications necessary for optimizing performance and progress of work.
  • Attending university staff affairs committee meetings, disciplinary boards, and meetings related to the office’s duties.
  • Finalizing the administrative and financial measures for visiting professors, delegations and university guests, and ensuring their accommodation.
  • Making suggestions of internal regulations and policies for the organization of work.
  • Overseeing annual, emergency and sick leave for employees and preparing forms to be attached to the personal file of each employee. 
  • Preparing the annual or routine evaluation of university employees.
  • Working on inserting information into the specialized system of employees and updating it frequently and keeping them organized and orderly. 
  • Proposals to project staffing for all university employees in accordance with its educational operation.
  • Proposing job descriptions and employment elucidation for the university’s employees. 
  • Compiling various data, information and statistics on the employees and technicians of the university and its facilities.

Specialities of the Human Resources Office

  • Following up on the laws, regulations, and systems that are applicable for the job field and employee affairs. 
  • Following up on safekeeping personal files of employees and maintaining their confidentiality, as well as the completion of their required documents and updating any additional information about the employees.
  • Following up on issuing files for new employees, preparing employment contracts and approved hiring letters, and informing the relevant departments of non-nationals to complete the procedures regarding accommodation and work cards. 
  • Following up on worker affairs procedures regarding hiring, annual bonuses promotions and secondments, delegations, work contract renewals, termination of services, granting various leaves, settling financial dues and others that is in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
  • Notifying the financial department of any alterations that may occur to the data related to the employees that have financial implications. 
  • Following up on the work of recorded timing,  as well as following up on the signatures of employees in the daily attendance and leave records, and taking necessary measures in accordance with the rules and regulations in effect at the university. 
  • Determining vacancies at the university according to the staffing that is approved and taking necessary measures to fulfill them according to the principles and regulations in effect at the university. 
  • Preparing data, statistics, and documents that are required regarding employees based on their records and files. 
  • Suggesting plans and programs for developing skills of the employees and following up on their implementation with the relevant authorities. 
  • Overseeing the organizational structure of the university, its annual staffing and job descriptions, and proposing the adjustment or development of them depending on the requirements of the work needed by the university. 
  • Retaining records of employees, issuing non-financial certificates that are related to them, and completing any procedures that involve imposing penalties that are in accordance with the laws, regulations, and systems in effect at the university. 
  • Developing and implementing the suitable method for receiving and sending letters from and to the university, safekeeping their records, and supervising the distribution of incoming correspondences on its various departments in accordance with their particular instructions. 
  • Supervising on photocopying paperwork and copies in accordance with their particular instructions as well as regulating and distributing publications and regulations while maintaining their circulation and preservation. 
  • Supervising the program of archiving and indexing files and their organization by utilizing advanced automated methods in the field of data flow and information mechanization.