In the City of Benghazi the LIMU Medical Convoy Offers its Services to People Who are Impacted.

The International University is still using all of its resources to assist and support its community during this traumatic event that has affected our beloved cities and possibly even our hearts in an environment that is unfamiliar to us. Massive physical and material damage have been left behind, and many residents of the afflicted districts have been relocated to Benghazi. The university has been eager to offer all forms of aid, health care, and social support to our impacted people, whether in their home regions or to those who have become family members among us. This has been the case at all levels and components.
The LIMU Medical Convoy began its journey yesterday afternoon, Friday, September 22, 2023, as part of these efforts and following rigorous training over the previous few days in order to deliver the required medical services to the impacted people.

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