In the presence of Libyan and European universities: Commencement of the Final Conference of the SAHA Project at LIMU.

Speech by Dr. Osman Abdul Jalil, Minister of Health, delivered on his behalf by Dr. Muftah Al-Tawil, Director General of the National Center for Healthcare System Development, who conveyed the minister’s apology for his absence due to an urgent commitment, preventing his strong desire to attend in person and participate in the proceedings of this important conference.

Text of the speech: Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Dear Colleagues:

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the concluding conference of the SAHA project. This event marks an important chapter in our ongoing journey to improve healthcare management and higher education in Libya.

Today, we celebrate not only the completion of the project but also the beginning of a new era in healthcare. The SAHA project has been aiding greatly in enhancing academic collaboration, capacity building, and establishing enduring partnerships with European institutions. These efforts have opened doors for our healthcare professionals and laid a strong foundation for future growth.

As Minister of Health, I am proud of what we have achieved and optimistic about what lies ahead. The success of the SAHA project reflects our shared commitment to raising healthcare standards in Libya. It is evidence of what we can accomplish when we work together, combining knowledge, resources, and dedication.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this project – from educators, healthcare professionals, and international partners to the dedicated teams who tirelessly worked to achieve this milestone. Your efforts have not only contributed to the success of the SAHA project but also made a positive impact across our healthcare system.

As we move forward, let us continue to collaborate, innovate, and inspire each other. Together, we can transform healthcare in Libya, ensuring a brighter future and health for all.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to a rich and productive conference.

Speech by Dr. Salem Al-Ojali, Deputy Minister of Higher Education:

The Ministry of Higher Education is keen on enhancing collaboration between public universities, private universities, and international universities according to quality standards. There will be practical evaluation for all private entities adopting postgraduate programs, and we will support universities with the capabilities, seriousness, and commitment to standards.

Speech by the Deputy Consul of Italy in Benghazi:

We, the Italian Consulate team in Benghazi, commend this important project and appreciate your attendance at the final conference, as a result of your efforts over the past four years. The message emanating from this project is that we have a new generation to build their country better through this program of training with other universities, enriching this project.

Towards improving the efficiency of the healthcare system in Libya. I thank the coordinators and students who were financially supported by the European Union.

Congratulations on this new beginning of continuous cooperation.

Speech by Mr. Nasser Al-Aujali, Deputy Mayor representing the Benghazi Municipality:

We welcome you to the city of Benghazi and highly appreciate this project, which has spanned four years, embodying a wonderful state of cooperation and a unique partnership between the Mediterranean shores to build capacities in healthcare management and train good teaching elements. Thanks to LIMU for its continuous efforts in development and improvement.

Speech by Mr. Nasser Al-Kadiki, Director of Health Services in Benghazi:

We welcome you all and welcome everyone who contributed to the success of this project. This is not strange to this university. We have attended and participated in many programs and projects aimed at developing and improving the healthcare sector. We are fully prepared for beneficial cooperation with LIMU.

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