The Faculty of Information Technology began since Sunday to discuss the graduation projects of students of the semester spring 2018-2019  for the departments of health informatics and computer networks, in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in information technology each in his specialty, and the graduation projects were on sunday and Monday As follows:

(*) Maram Abdullah and the title of her project:
A study of nurses attitudes towards new technologies
It was discussed in its projects by Dr. Mohammed Al-Manfi / A. Hazem Al-Farjani.

(*) Fathia Sawan and the title of her project: Study virtualization techniques
And comparing two techniques from different vendors
Discussed in its projects: A. Bilal Jabbour/ A. Khalil Al-Maqabi

(*) Ibrahim Al-Fakhri and the title of his project:
Comparative study of “Linux server” and “Microsoft server”
It was discussed by: Dr. Abdessalam Matouk / A. Ihab al-Falah

(*) Zainab Nifa + Yasmine Ben Amer and the title of their project:
Healthy heart website
They were discussed by: Dr. Mohammed Al-Manfi / A. Hazem Al-Farjani

(*) Zainab Bayad and the title of her project:
The government’s policy of “re-incriminating” is to make the most of the political and economic activities of the people of The United States.
They were discussed by Dr. Mohammed Al-Manfi / Dr. AbdulBasit Al-Gharyani.

(*)Najib  Bougarin + Anas Al-Mahdawi and the title of its project: DMZ
They were discussed by: A. Bilal Jabbour / A. Sami Ben Amer

(*) Mohamed Basir and his project title: VPN using raspberry pi
It was discussed by Dr. Younis Al-Badri/A. Sami Bin Amer.

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